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We are big believers that for our industry to progress, it’s critical that we share insights, stories, case studies and best practices with everyone working inside and outside of our industry.

Traditionally, this has been done via conferences organised by professional conference producers who run a contact centre/CX event one week and run an event for a completely different industry the week after.

Many presenters also pay to be there as part of their sponsorship entitlements, which does not provide the best experience for audience members.

Or it’s content produced by Vendors, from webinars, sponsored lunches, whitepapers, etc., who are all keen to obtain your details to feed you into their lead-generation campaigns.

While the model may have served the conference producers and vendors well, it seems it has done very little for our industry.

Speak to most people and look at the results of just about every single customer research survey, and the outcome is the same – there is a perception that customer experience/customer service appears to be getting worse, not better.

So we think it’s time we did things a little differently.

Our industry does some amazing things. We’ve got some amazing people.

It’s time to share amazing.

Speaker Opportunities

Content, without the Lead Generation

Our aim is to provide quality insights for people working in the industry to help them learn, which collectively, in turn, helps our entire industry to excel and showcase how critical we are to business success.

We do this by several methods:

  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • CX and Contact Centre Manager Community Roundtables
  • Members Symposiums
  • Local Events

There are strictly no sales pitches in any of our content; we aim to continue to be the trusted site for industry information and leadership.

We do not sell our membership list to vendors (or anyone) or allow our sponsors to send direct emails to our Subscribers promoting their products or services.

For full transparency, the majority of the content we produce is free to obtain via our website (approx 80%), with the remaining content requiring a subscription (free) or a paid membership (starting at just $35 per employee per year) so the only ‘sales pitch’ anyone will hear is some encouragement to either subscribe or purchase a membership.

Different Speaker Opportunities on ACXPA

If you’d like to contribute your experience to help others in our industry, we have several different forums available depending on your objectives, comfort levels in speaking and availability.

Podcast Guest

The CX Matters Podcast covers topics across all our key pillars of Customer Experience (CX), Contact Centres, Digital Service and Customer Service.

The flexible podcast format enables us to do everything from short interviews to extended podcasts to dive deep into a particular topic.

The podcasts are typically recorded with both video and audio and released via YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Symposium Session

Once a month, we livestream our Members Symposium, which features a minimum of five different speakers, each speaking on a different topic.

The symposium sessions are pre-recorded and are typically a maximum of 20 minutes, covering a specific topic, case study, etc., with every session added to the Members Video Library, enabling them to fast-track their knowledge on a wide variety of topics in short, bite-sized sessions.

Learn more about presenting a session at our Monthly Symposiums >

Community Roundtables

The Community Roundtables are run online, featuring a different guest each fortnight.

The Roundtables are streamed live, and are typically a 40-minute Interview style format, with approx 20 minutes of moderated Q&A at the end that enables views to ask questions and interact.

ACXPA Members are able to watch a recording of the Roundtables (if they can’t make it live) in their Video Library.

We have two discrete roundtables: the CX Community Roundtables and the Contact Centre Manager Roundtables.

Learn more about speaking at a Community Roundtable >

Local Events

Through our State-Based Advisory Boards, we are working hard on bringing more local events to the industry – from site tours to networking events, etc.

Opportunities for speakers at local events are typically to either join an expert panel or present on a particular topic.

Why Be a Speaker with ACXPA?

If you are going to volunteer your time and experience, it’s only fair you want to make sure it’s going to be a worthwhile investment.

  • We are actively invested in progressing our industry, and you can see that in everything that we do (proof is in the pudding!).
  • We offer multiple formats (Podcasts, Symposium Sessions or Community Roundtables) providing you with maximum flexibility to showcase your experience.
  • We have the highest traffic in the industry of CX and Contact Centre professionals, along with over 30k Social Media followers, so we’ll get maximum exposure for you.
  • We are invested in making sure you shine – we use professional recording platforms, high-quality graphics, social media banners, etc. – and it’s all designed to provide you with something you will be proud to share.
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Where to next?

If you’d like to talk to us about being a speaker, we’ve got some additional resources you will find beneficial:

Otherwise, please complete the online form below and we’ll be in touch!

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