ACXPA Business Membership Options

An ACXPA Business Membership is the key to empowering your business, and your employees, with the skills, insight and support required to ensure your organisation is ahead of the curve in delivering efficient and effective customer experiences. 

An ACXPA Business Membership will help any business to:

  • Optimise the Customer Experience (CX) to improve customer acquisition and retention.
  • Improve efficiency in providing customer service that can save your business significant costs.
  • Optimise your customer contact channels to deliver the optimum outcomes for your business.
  • Improve your Employee Experience to increase engagement and retention (and save you the high cost of employee turnover).
  • Arm your employees with the latest industry insights and best-practice methodologies.
  • Provide a support mechanism for your employees to connect with other like-minded industry professionals.

If you’re ready to improve the outcomes for your business, employees and customers, read below to learn more about the included benefits with all our ACXPA Business Memberships.

ACXPA Business Memberships overview
ACXPA National Advisory Board Member Deanne Martin

“ACXPA is bringing a positive change in the industry, providing a space for people to ask questions, learn, and grow into their next career roles and is helping to shift the dial on helping businesses to understand that investing in your CX and EX delivers bottom-line benefits to any organisation” – Deanne Martin, Head of Customer Experience and Service at SEEK

How your business will benefit with an ACXPA Business Membership

ACXPA Business Memberships are designed to provide your business with real, tangible outcomes that deliver an exceptional return on your investment including:


  • Improved Efficiency in Handling Customer Service Enquiries

    Whether it’s through your voice, digital or in-person channels, we’ll provide best-practice tips and insights into the most cost-effective methods for handling customer service enquiries, whether it’s though improved self-service capability and artificial intelligence through to improved skills for frontline employees and managers to increase their effectiveness.


  • Improved Profit

    By improving your Customer Experience (CX), you’ll have customers who stay longer, spend more and cost less money to acquire – all delivering improved profitability for your business.


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    From better process design, customer feedback methodologies, employee training and best-practice insights,  we’ll help your business improve your level of customer satisfaction.


  • Industry Insights & Data

    Gain access to industry benchmarking data and research that will provide you and your team with powerful insights into CX, Contact Centres, Digital Service & Customer Service enabling you to make informed decisions and compare performance against a range of different metrics.


  • Improved Employee Engagement

    By investing in your employees with an ACXPA Membership, they’ll have access to the latest training, thought leadership, and best-practice tips and they’ll be joining a powerful community of their peers – all key components of driving higher levels of engagement that will reduce turnover and improve the outcomes for your business, a genuine win-win.


  • Savings on Events & Training

    Our popular live monthly symposiums are included FREE with all memberships, and employees who receive an ACXPA membership will receive a 50% discount on all ACXPA events such as site tours and networking events and 25% off all CX Skills courses, world-class training for customer service, contact centres, customer experience, workforce optimisation and workplace wellness.

    With business memberships starting from just $497 per year, you can recoup the cost in savings off courses alone, let alone the value of your employees attending the monthly symposiums, accessing all our resources and expanding their professional network that is all included with every membership.

Sarah Young ACXPA Victoria State Chair

“It’s been great to connect with other members about strategies for attracting and retaining talent, and to re-affirm the importance of Australian organisations infusing CX throughout their business. Every employee within Red Energy speaks with customers, and ACXPA plays a big part in our success.” – Sarah Young, Manager Retail Customer Assist, Red Energy

Join other ACXPA members from the following organisations

How your Employees will benefit by being an ACXPA Member

An ACXPA Business Membership unlocks many powerful benefits to help your employees succeed, whether they are just starting their careers to senior executives.  Every employee you allocate an ACXPA individual membership to will gain access to a host of benefits, including:

  • Exclusive Access to Industry Data

    When your employees are logged into their individual ACXPA membership, they’ll gain exclusive access to additional data and insights not available to the general public, including over 10 additional categories of the Australian Call Centre Rankings data.

    Call Answered %, Average Navigation Time, Average Call Duration and the five quality competencies will all be instantly visible to logged in members arming them with powerful insights.

    They’ll also gain access to trend data by industry sector and other exclusive insights!

    View the Contact Centre Industry Benchmarking data >

  • Live Monthly Symposiums

    Featuring a minimum of industry experts every month, your employees will gain industry insights, best-practice tips and thought leadership in short (maximum 20 minutes) presentations followed by a live Q&A session, all designed to help them succeed in their role, without any sales pitches!

    Topics vary monthly, covering contact centres, customer experience, digital service, employee experience and customer service. Learn more >

  • Expert Presentations to watch on demand

    Your employees will gain access to a growing library of expert educational presentations (no sales pitches) covering a range of topics in short, sharp sessions all recorded by local and international experts.

    The presentations can be watched on demand at any time with presentations covering a range of topics for beginners through to senior executives including ‘how-to’, case studies, thought leadership etc Learn more >

  • Resources they can download

    Your employees will gain access to all our premium resources that have been designed to help them succeed in their role.

    From Erlang Calculators, Customer Journey Mapping templates, Customer Persona Templates, Return on Investment Calculators, Job Descriptions, Cheat Sheets, General Trivia Quizzes (great for building employee engagement) and lots more.

    The tools, guides and templates will save your employees valuable time and will enable them to access resources that can immediately benefit your business.

    View downloads >

  • Powerful Networking Opportunities

    As well as local events, your employees will gain access to our powerful Individual Members Directory that makes it easy for them to build connections by searching, connecting and engaging with other ACXPA members.

    They’ll be able to search by purpose-built filters, including skillset, the size of their contact centre, contact centre technology in use, contact channels in use, job title, location, business sector and more making it easy to find their peers and form valuable relationships that can fast-track their knowledge. View demo >

  • Community Support

    By joining our private groups, your employees can connect directly with other ACXPA members in similar roles to share insights, benchmark, ask questions, conduct polls and more.  We have groups for CX professionals, contact centre team leaders, contact centre managers, technology, customer service managers, knowledge management, workforce optimisation and lots more.

    It’s an easy, quick way to connect with other members and harness the power of others in the same role. View demo >

  • World Class Training

    Employees with an ACXPA individual membership receive a 25% discount on all CX Skills courses – specialists in customer experience, contact centre, customer service, workforce optimisation and workplace wellness courses.

    With an average customer review score of 4.9/5, you can be confident your employees are being trained by the best in the business and the skills gained will deliver an immediate return on your investment.

Cameron Preston ACXPA Victoria Board Member

“At Yarra Valley Water, continuous improvement is our mantra, and most often, the pathway is via customer feedback – it’s been great to gain insights into best practices and access resources and tools to help our employees deliver better customer experiences” – Cameron Preston, Customer Service Team Leader, Yarra Valley Water

Flexible Business Membership Options

We have Business Memberships to suit all business types and budgets, with five different levels depending on the number of employees you’d like to provide with an individual ACXPA membership.

Please note:

  • Your employees must be allocated an individual ACXPA membership to attend the live symposiums, access discounted events & training and download all the ACXPA resources.
  • You don’t need to nominate which employees get their membership when you purchase. You can allocate, edit and remove your individual membership allocations at any time via your own dashboard.
  • Memberships can be purchased by Credit Card or you can request an invoice.
  • Prices displayed are ex GST.

The higher the membership level, the more individual memberships are included!

$497 per year

Includes 5 Individual Memberships

Save 50%!

$797 per year

Includes 10 Individual Memberships

Save 60%!

$1,497 per year

Includes 25 Individual Memberships

Save 70%!

$2,297 per year

Includes 50 Individual Memberships

Save 77%!

$3,497 per year

Includes 100 Individual Memberships

Save 82%!

FAQs for an ACXPA Business Membership

We’ve included a range of Frequently Asked Questions about our Business Memberships below.

If you still can’t find what you need, please contact us at 03 9492 2871 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.

All the levels (1 to 5) provide exactly the same benefits, the only difference is the number of individual memberships that are included for you to allocate to employees. This enables you to purchase a membership size that is best suited to your objectives.

To access all of the premium resources, along with discounts to events etc, each employee requires an ACXPA individual membership.  You can allocate your memberships to an employee at any time, and each employee nominated by you will receive their own login to the ACXPA website.

You will still hold the parent account and can add or remove access to your employees at any time via your own Memberships Dashboard.

No.  The only people that need a membership are those who you think will benefit by having access to the ACXPA resources and community, and who you’d like to receive a discount for when attending ACXPA events or training courses.

Our belief is that an ACXPA individual membership should have a level of prestige with it and not just be handed out to every employee in your business.

We’d rather memberships be allocated to employees who express an interest in furthering their development and who will make the most of the member benefits and engage with the ACXPA community.

Sure, it might make our numbers look better if we just had memberships that covered all employees in your business but we’d rather fewer, but more engaged members, than thousands of members who do not participate.

On checkout, you can select to pay by credit card or request an invoice for payment.  Our standard invoice payment terms are 14 days however if you require something different, please contact us.

All our memberships are for 12 months. They are set to auto-renew each year however if required, you can easily cancel from within your membership dashboard.

  • For Credit Card purchases, your Membership commences immediately on payment.
  • For invoices,  your membership will commence as soon as the invoice is paid. Our standard invoice payment terms are 14 days but if, for example, you paid in 2 days then your membership will commence as soon as payment is made.

We’ve made it simple to purchase tickets to ACXPA Events and training courses – when you find the event/course you want to purchase tickets for you, when you click purchase you will be able to select any of your employees with an ACXPA membership and the discount will be automatically applied.

If you’d like to send employees who don’t have an ACXPA membership allocated you can still do so however those employees will be charged at the normal (non-member) rate.

The person who purchases the Business membership will have access to a Memberships Dashboard where you can easily nominate and send invites to your nominated employees.

You just enter their details (name and email address) and we then automatically send them an invitation to join.

Click here to watch the process >

We’ve made it really easy for employees who have been allocated a membership to activate their membership. All they need to do is add their job title, phone number and password.

You can watch an example here >

No! You are free to allocate memberships to employees at any time and they can all be managed from your Memberships Dashboard. You can also cancel allocated memberships (in case someone leaves) at any time.

You get to decide who receives an individual membership, even for yourself!

For some people purchasing a Business membership, they may only want to allocate and manage the membership allocations but don’t want to personally engage with the ACXPA Community (i.e. Someone in finance, HR, Executive Assistance etc.).

For others, i.e. a Call Centre Manager or Team Leader who is purchasing a Business membership,  they will want a membership for themself and be in charge of allocating and managing all the memberships for their employees.

If you do want to allocate yourself an individual membership, there is a simple process to enable the allocation and then you can easily switch between your individual and business membership at any time as needed.

Watch this video to see the process >

If you’ve already got a Business Membership with us you can easily upgrade to a higher membership level that will provide additional individual memberships.

If one of our set membership levels doesn’t suit, please contact us and we can work out a customised plan for you.

We wanted to provide our Business Members with an opportunity to showcase their business and proudly display their commitment to improving their customer experience and supporting our local industry!

The directory is free to use for the general public and it provides a range of search filters to make it easy for Australian consumers to search and connect to your business.

View the ACXPA Business Members Directory here >

The person who owns the Business Membership is the person who can add and edit your listing.  The process for adding and editing your Business Listing can be easily managed from your dashboard.

Watch the video on the process >

No, it’s completely up to you whether you would like to have your business listed in the directory.


Where is the Call Centre is a new Business Directory that puts the power of information and choice back to the Australian consumer when looking for companies.

Australian consumers can search by industry sectors (e.g. Insurance, Banking, Telcos, Energy etc.) and then filter by companies that use Australian-based contact centres along with a range of other powerful filters.

All ACXPA Business Members receive 50% off adding their business to the directory.

Visit the Where is the Call Centre website >


No. The ACXPA Business Directory showcases ACXPA Business Members only.

The ACXPA Supplier Directory is for businesses that provide products and services to the contact centre, customer service, customer experience and digital service industry.

A listing in this ACXPA Supplier directory is included as part of our Vendor Memberships.

Does your business provide products or services to the industry? View the Vendor Membership options that can help you grow your business.

If you want to share and earn points please login first




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