ACXPA Vendor Membership Options

An ACXPA Vendor Membership is designed for individuals or businesses that provide products or services to the industry who want to grow their business.

More than just a member badge, we provide you with real, tangible benefits that will help you promote and grow your business, as well as arming your employees with the resources and tools they need to create powerful networks that further increase business opportunities. 

An ACXPA Vendor Membership will:

  • Provide practical tools to promote your business and generate leads.
  • Help your employees build their professional network.
  • Provide you with industry insights and knowledge so you can add value to your current and prospective customers.

We offer five different Vendor Membership benefits to suit all budgets and objectives with the key benefits and inclusions listed below.

ACXPA Vendor Membership overview

Join other leading brands with an ACXPA Vendor Membership

What You’ll Gain with an ACXPA Vendor Membership 

An ACXPA Vendor Membership provides a range of benefits for your business that helps you to improve brand awareness and generate new opportunities, as well as enable your employees to build their networks, skills and professional profile.

  •  A Listing on the ACXPA Supplier Directory to Generate High-Quality Leads

    A Vendor Membership includes a listing on the ACXPA Supplier Directory, purpose-built for our industry containing a range of categories, filters and search tags to help customers quickly find suppliers that can meet their needs.

    With leading search positions on Google, as well as links and advertising across the ACXPA website, the ACXPA Supplier Directory receives a steady stream of high-quality traffic where you can showcase your business and add links to your website, videos, brochures, contact forms and lots more.

    You’ll have 24/7 access to your listing(s) via your own dashboard where you can optimise your listing copy to maximise opportunities as well as review your views and clicks data.

    View the ACXPA Supplier Directory >

  • Increased Brand Awareness

    In the Australian business community, the more familiar prospects become with your brand, the more it creates business opportunities that convert.

    Included in all ACXPA Vendor Memberships are a set number of Individual ACXPA Memberships that can help your employees improve brand awareness for your business.

    With an ACXPA Individual Membership, your employees can:

    • Publish articles on the ACXPA Website so your employees (and therefore your brand) are constantly seen as adding value to the community.
    • Attend our Live Monthly Symposiums to stay across, and contribute to industry best-practice, insights and more.
    • Attend local events including site tours and networking events so they can build their networks.
    • Join our Private Groups and provide insights and support to other members (adding value without directly selling).

    All of the above tools are great at keeping your branding front of mind as your employees contribute to the community.

  • Upcoming Event Promotion

    If you’ve got upcoming events such as webinars, conferences etc, you can add them directly to the Industry Events Calendar to increase awareness and convert those views into attendees.

    You can include all the information about your event including the date, time, agenda, pricing etc and include a direct link back to your website (or nominated URL) for customers to purchase/register.

  • Powerful Networking Tools

    One of the most powerful ways to increase real business opportunities is by developing meaningful relationships with potential prospects. When you allocate an ACXPA Individual Membership to your employees, it unlocks a range of powerful resources to help them build their professional network including:

    • Access to the Individual Members Directory. It’s a bit like Linkedin but on steroids and fully customised to our industry!  Your employees will be enabled to search, connect and directly message other ACXPA members using a range of powerful filters including location, size of contact centre, job role & title, technology in use, business sector and lots more.
    • A 50% discount to all ACXPA events such as our site tours and networking events so they can build relationships in person.
    • The ability to publish articles, and participate in forums and groups that help build a profile and make an easier connection at in-person events (it’s a great segue into a conversation!).

  • Press Release Publication

    If you’ve had a significant milestone in your business, you can publish a Press Release right here on ACXPA to raise industry awareness. We’ve made it nice and simple with an online form so it’s an easy way to get your message out there!

  • Access to Industry Insights

    You’ll gain access to a host of industry insights. From the latest Call Centre Ranking Reports, benchmarking data, average wait times and a whole lot more – you’ll have access to information that can be useful for your own employees and business, as well as your clients.

Flexible Vendor Membership Options

To ensure we have a solution to suit all business sizes, we offer 5 different Vendor Membership levels available.

Please note: 

  • All Vendor Memberships levels include a listing in the ACXPA Supplier Directory, the only difference is the directory listing level and the number of included listings (more listings enable you to add your business in different categories).
  • All Vendor Memberships levels include Individual Memberships to allocate to your employees.  The only difference is the number of included memberships and their level (higher levels enable your employees more access to the ACXPA premium features).
  • Payment can be made via credit card or you can request an invoice on checkout.
  • Prices are ex GST.

$497 per year

1 Directory Listing

(1 x Essential level)


1 Individual  Membership

$997 per year

1 Directory Listing

(1 x Advanced level)


4 Individual Memberships

$1,697 per year

1 Directory Listing

(1 x Premium level)


8 Individual Memberships

$2,497 per year

2 Directory Listings

(2 x Premium level)


12 Individual Memberships

$3,497 per year

3 Directory Listings

(3 x Premium level)


20 Individual Memberships

To enable you to compare what’s included with each Vendor Membership Level, please use the comparison table below.

ACXPA Vendor Membership Comparison Table

Each ACXPA Vendor Membership includes listing(s) in the ACXPA Supplier Directory which is powerful way to promote your business and attract lead opportunities.

Depending on the Vendor Membership level you select, it will include a combination of the following:

  • Essential Level (valued at $297 per year) includes the basics such as your website URL, phone numbers, logo and 5 search tags.
  • Advanced Level (valued at $797 per year) includes your own company page to showcase your business with videos, images, brochures and more.
  • Premium Level (valued at $1,297 per year) is the ultimate way to showcase your business and generate leads including contact forms, key selling points and 15 powerful search tags.


ACXPA Supplier Directory Levels Comparison


Click here to see an example of what each level looks like (will open in new window)


Want to really supercharge your brand awareness?

In addition to our Vendor Memberships, an ACXPA Sponsorship package can put your brand in front of over 50k potential customers every month as well as offering a host of other benefits!

Learn more about ACXPA Sponsorship >

FAQs for Vendor Memberships

We’ve listed a range of FAQs about our Vendor Memberships below. If you still don’t find the answer you are looking for our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

You will note that the different Vendor Membership options include either an Essential, Advanced or Premium Level listing.

The higher the level, the higher your listing appears in the directory, the more search tags you receive and the more information you can include in your listing such as videos, brochures, contact us forms, links to your website and lots more – all designed to help you generate more leads.

ACXPA Supplier Directory Levels Comparison

The position your listing displays in each category is determined by two factors:

  1. The level of your listing – they are displayed in this order: Premium, Advanced, Essential & Basic.
  2. When you purchased your listing. We operate on first in, best dressed. So, for example, if no other Premium listings are in the category you are looking at, if you purchase a Premium listing you will have the top position and retain it for as long as you renew your membership.

When you purchase a Vendor Membership, you get access to the ACXPA Supplier Directory where you will be able to add your business and edit it at any time. You’ll also get access to your analytics dashboard where you can access views and click data.

Yes, you will have access to your analytics dashboard where you can access views and click data for each of your listings.

Yes! We are continuing to add categories and subcategories to ACXPA Supplier Directory so if you’d like to purchase additional listings above what is included in your Vendor Membership, you will receive the following discount:

  • Corporate Membership – 40% off all additional listings
  • Large Membership – 35% off all additional listings
  • Midsize Membership – 30% off all additional listings
  • Micro Membership – 25% off all additional listings
  • Solo Membership – 20% off all additional listings

If you would like to proceed in purchasing additional listings, please contact us and we will arrange it all for you.

Search Tags help customers find suppliers that offer a specific product, service or feature. Using the Contact Centre Technology category as an example, a search tag might be Cloud Based Call Centre Software. So if a supplier provides that solution, they would add that tag to their listing to help customers filter the suppliers to only those containing that tag.

The other critical advantage is that our Search Tags are stand-alone pages that rank on their own on Google. This means that if someone types in ‘cloud based call centre software australia’ for example, the ACXPA Supplier Directory will appear in the result. If a customer clicks on the link, they will land directly on that Search Tag page. If you do not have that tag, your business will not be displayed. 

So the more tags that are relevant to your business, the more opportunities for leads.

The higher your listing level, the more search tags you can add to your listing:

  • Premium – 15 search tags per listing
  • Advanced – 9 search tags per listing
  • Essential – 5 search tags per listing
  • Basic – 2 search tags per listing

Learn more about Search Tags and see what’s available for each category on the ACXPA Supplier Directory >

Please contact us – we are always reviewing categories, sub categories and search tags to make it easier for customers to search and connect to suppliers.

Providing your employees with an ACXPA membership is a great way to show that you are invested in their professional development and it can also be a useful way to help improve brand awareness so both your employees and your business wins.

Individual memberships enable your nominated employees to engage with the ACXPA Community as individuals (not as your brand) to build their network, use the Members Directory to search, connect and engage with other members, submit articles, participate in the forums, join private groups and lots more.

Yes! As well as allocating memberships to other employees, you can also allocate yourself an Individual Membership.

You’ll then be able to switch between your vendor account or personal account at any time. For example, if your membership level included two individual memberships, you can allocate one to yourself and one to another employee.

No! You can just use your vendor account to manage your Supplier Directory listings, Submit Events and Press Releases and manage your membership allocations to your employees.

Yes. You can either upgrade to a higher vendor membership level which includes more memberships or you can purchase them directly from us and we’ll add them to your account. The higher your vendor membership level, the higher the discount for the additional memberships you need as per below:

  • Solo (20% discount)
  • Micro (25% discount)
  • Midsized (30% discount)
  • Large (35% discount)
  • Corporate (40% discount)

The percentage discount is off the standard price of $197 per employee ex GST.  Contact us directly for further information or to order additional memberships.

At checkout, you can pay by credit card or request an invoice for payment. Our standard payment terms are 14 days – if you need something different please contact us. Please note if you select invoice payment, your membership will commence on the date your invoice is paid.

For credit card purchases, your membership commences immediately after payment. For invoice payments, your membership commences from the date the invoice is paid.

We consider a vendor as anyone who provides products or services to the industry.

Absolutely! You’ll have access to our assets library where you can download various versions of our logo to use in your marketing collateral, on your website etc.

We have an online form that enables you to submit events to the calendar. You can direct enquiries/bookings directly to the URL of your choice.

You can submit Press Releases for publication on the ACXPA website via an online form.

Press Releases will have a dedicated location on our website for our members who like to stay across what’s happening in our industry and members can opt-in to be notified of new Press Releases as part of their communication preferences.

Still got questions?

No problems, we are here to help! Call us on 1800 0ACXPA or +613 9492 2871, email us at [email protected] or visit our contact us page for more contact options. 

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