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Put your brand in front of Australia’s largest CX & Contact Centre audience!

If you have a business that provides solutions for contact centres, customer experience, digital experience, employee experience or customer service, we offer a range of solutions to help you improve your brand awareness and generate lead opportunities directly to your target audience.

The Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) is a new industry body launched in September 2022 to provide a new alternative for individuals, businesses, and vendors working in our growing industry.

While we might be a new association, ACXPA has evolved from the incredible legacy of CX Central, which, for 12 years, has been the leading resource for contact centre and customer experience professionals in Australia.

With a world-class website and resources, the largest audience in Australia of contact centre, customer experience, digital experience and customer service professionals,  and an unrivalled passion and commitment to supporting our industry, ACXPA is the perfect partner to help you grow your business.

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Sponsorship Options on ACXPA


Average unique visitors to our websites every month.



Average individual website page views per month.


For over 12 years, we’ve built our reputation as the go-to destination for quality articles, resources and industry advocacy via our CX Central website and ACXPA is poised to take things to a whole new level!

With our leading SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimisation) driving high-quality traffic to our site, our strong social media following, our world-class website and backed by some of the top industry leaders in Australia on our Advisory Boards,  it’s no surprise to learn we are the fastest-growing industry association for contact centre, customer service, digital service & customer experience professionals in Australia.

And it’s not just our websites where we lead the industry; we have over 35,000 followers across Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram, from frontline employees through to senior executives who engage with our content every day.

From our Call Centre Ranking ReportsSupplier Directory, Members Directory, Private Groups, CX Matters Podcast, Industry Events Calendar, Industry Glossary, Resource Library, and the ACXPA Rewards program, we’re building a thriving community to help benefit our entire industry.

Put simply, if you have a product or service that targets those professions, there is no better place to be promoting your business.

Highest Website Traffic in Australia

Largest Social Media Followers in Australia

Largest Resource Library in Australia

The highest website traffic in Australia – and growing!

Engaging content and a world-class platform ensure that when people are looking for content relating to contact centre, customer experience, digital service and customer service, they are landing on the ACXPA website.

With our leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, ACXPA leads the way with traffic from people looking for engaging content related to Contact Centres, Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Services, as you’ll note from the latest website traffic results below.

So, if you’re looking to improve your brand awareness in your target market, there is simply no better option!

ACXPA Website traffic July 2024
Source: Ubersuggest July 2024 (can also be validated by other SEO tools)

World-Class Platform

We’ve built a world-class platform that leads the way for industry associations, including:

  • A powerful Members Directory to make it easy to search, connect and message other members without leaving the ACXPA website.
  • Private groups for members to share, ask questions and support each other.
  • Built-in Gamification to reward members for learning and supporting other members.
  • Growing Video Library of expert videos and presentations that can be watched live and on-demand.
  • Practical resources and tools people can download.
  • A range CX and Contact Centre related articles.
  • Podcast
  • Trivia Quizzes
  • Industry Glossary
  • And lots more!
Member Directory Filter example
Example of the powerful filters in the Members Directory
member directory example
Members Directory search results

Sponsorship Package Inclusions

Instead of blowing your marketing budget on a coffee cart or stand at a conference that is over in two days, an ACXPA Sponsorship delivers value all year round.

ACXPA Sponsorship packages can include:

  • Advertising tiles in prominent locations on the ACXPA website (this one!) and our CX Central website will deliver over 50,000 impressions per month directly to your target audience of CX and Contact Centre professionals.
  • Naming rights to our Call Centre Ranking Reports by Industry Sector, private groups, symposiums, and more to put your brand directly in front of your specific target audience (i.e., the public sector, financial institutions, utilities, etc.).
  • The ability to present in our Member Symposiums and appear on the CX Matters Podcast to assist in positioning your employees as thought leaders and subject matter experts.
  • Recorded videos on our Vendor Showcase page (to promote your product/service and use the videos to assist with your social media marketing.
  • Monthly inclusion in our newsletter to share an article or upcoming event.
  • Ability to promote special offers to our membership base (we have a special offers email that members can opt-in to receive).
  • Contact details for members to invite to premium events (if they have opted in).
  • Add your white papers/case studies to our downloads library.
  • Official sponsor recognition on our website and at events
  • Use of the ACXPA logo.

We have four levels available (Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze), starting from $8,000 annually.

Monthly and annual payment options are available.

Vendor Memberships packed with value

In addition to sponsorship packages, we also offer ACXPA Vendor Memberships for businesses that provide products and services to the industry.

A Vendor Membership delivers exceptional value and will provide your business with real, tangible benefits that will help you grow your business, improve brand awareness, and help you generate leads.

Benefits include:

  • Your business will be listed on the official ACXPA Supplier Directory in your chosen category;
  • You can promote your upcoming events (e.g. webinars, conferences, etc.) on the ACXPA Events Calendar;
  • Your employees can publish articles on the ACXPA website;
  • You can submit Press Releases about important business milestones on the ACXPA website;
  • Your employees will be listed on the Individual Members Directory that will enable them to search, connect and engage directly with other members as well as join our private groups, join our live member symposiums and receive discounts to all ACXPA events.

There are five different Vendor Membership levels available, and with prices starting at just $497 per year, they offer exceptional value.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Sponsorship Packages:

What’s the difference between a Sponsorship and a Vendor Membership?

The good news is both help you increase brand awareness and generate leads!

A Sponsorship Package provides you with significantly more brand awareness opportunities via advertising tiles along with access to exclusive sponsor-only tools and privileges to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

A Vendor Membership provides you with a listing in the official ACXPA Supplier Directory, the ability to add an upcoming event to the industry Events Calendar and individual memberships you can allocate to employees that enable them to access the Individual Members Directory, publish articles and join our private forums – great tools to help them increase the professional network and build trust within the community (that will ultimately help you sell!).

Do we need to have a Vendor Membership to access the Sponsorship Packages?

No, however, an ACXPA Vendor Membership provides your business with a range of tools and resources to help you to increase your brand awareness and generate leads, including:

So whilst it’s not compulsory, it is recommended!

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What are the demographics of your audience/members?

With tightening privacy laws, it’s getting more and more difficult to obtain meaningful data, but what we can tell share from the Subscriber and Membership base:

  • Frontline (9%)
  • Team Leaders/Supervisors (17%)
  • Managers (23%)
  • Senior Manager (13%)
  • Executives (15%)
  • Senior Executives (8%)
  • Consultants (11%)
  • Self Employed/Small Business Owner (4%)

Whilst we understand the desire for decision-makers, we work in a fast-moving industry.

With 75% of contact centre managers starting on the phones as an example, we have a deliberate strategy to also engage with the frontline (i.e. we have over 23,000 followers on our Call Centre Legends page) as they will be the next Team Leaders and Managers so it’s important to build our brand awareness and trust with them throughout their entire journey.

What is the price guide for the Sponsorship Packages?

We have a range of different Sponsorship Packages to help you achieve your objectives, with prices starting at $8,000 per year.

So rather than spend your marketing budget at a conference that’s over in a couple of days and organised by professional Events companies with no vested interest in our industry, invest in a sponsorship package that delivers for your business all year round.

Are we able to send a EDM direct to your membership database?

No is the short answer, as they typically have very little to no engagement and damage the ability to communicate effectively to our members (who get sick of repeated sponsored messages from Vendors).

We go out of our way to ensure our members have full control over the information they receive from us, including what type of emails they receive from us.

However… As a sponsor, you can include a post in our monthly newsletter that is sent to all members.

You also have access to a weekly ‘Special Offers’ email that contains a consolidated list of offers that members can choose to opt in or out of.

Do you offer sponsored podcasts or webinars?

As a Vendor Member, you can promote any of your upcoming Podcasts/webinars directly on the Events Calendar to increase exposure and attendees.

There are also opportunities for our Sponsors to participate in our CX Matters Podcast and Member symposiums that can help position your nominated brand ambassadors as thought leaders/subject matter experts etc.

The only caveat is that all our content is designed to educate and inspire, so you cannot market your products directly!

As a sponsor, we can also assist with your podcasts, webinars, conferences etc. by involving our CEO or Advisory Board members and then cross-promoting the event via our channels.

We have also recently introduced our Vendor Showcase page that will enable you to promote your products and services via a recorded video(s) with us that can be used to generate leads and distribute on social media to increase brand awareness.

Ready to talk?

To speak to us about our Vendor Membership and Sponsorship options you can email us at [email protected] or contact us on +61 3 9492 2871.

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