ACXPA Contact Centre CX Benchmarking

Access over 80 benchmarking metrics for your contact centre and ANY FIVE competitors you nominate!

Powerful Voice of Customer (VoC) Insights Designed to Improve Performance

Would you like to have an independent, external assessment of your contact centre experience from a customer’s perspective?

Would you like to know how your contact centre performs against others in the same industry, as well as against industry best-practice?

Would you like to gain regular, powerful customer insights that help you to improve the experience for your customers?

The Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) provides a cost-effective, fixed-price monthly Contact Centre CX Benchmarking service that will deliver all this and more.

As outlined below, our Contact Centre CX Benchmarking service has been designed to provide powerful insights with a transparent and cost-effective pricing model.

The scoring and insights are directly aligned to help you identify opportunities to shift the dial on measurable business outcomes – whether it’s Sales Conversions, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score (CES), Retention, CLV, etc.

Decades in the making, our Contact Centre CX Benchmarking program has been designed and is managed by contact centre industry experts passionate about helping contact centres deliver results with easy-to-understand metrics, insights and training.

What’s included when you purchase the Contact Centre CX Benchmarking?

Call Centre Benchmarking Service Australia

When you purchase the Contact Centre CX Benchmarking for your business, you’ll receive powerful insights from over 80 metrics, broadly split into two key dimensions:

  1. Access Score – how easy was it to connect to a live agent, including wait times, number of menu options, hold experience, recording messaging, talk time and more.
  2. Quality Score – the quality of the interaction with the contact centre employee assessed across five core competencies and 18 different behaviours.

The Contact Centre CX Benchmarking includes: 

  • Six Mystery Shopping calls will be made to your business every month, and you’ll receive the call recordings and the assessor’s notes.
  • Benchmarking data for any five other competitors that YOU nominate in the same industry sector so you can benchmark your performance against all the core metrics.
  • Average sector data from all contact centres we assess in the same sector (so if we assess 20 contact centres in the same sector, you’ll see the average for all 20).
  • Monthly data to track your performance and quarterly trend reports with personalised insights and recommendations to help you improve your performance.
  • All for one cost-effective price per month!

How we Measure Quality in the Contact Centre

Whilst NPS, CSAT etc. measures how customers FEEL about the experience after they’ve had it, the Quality Insights Score (QIS) measures WHAT the experience is WHEN it happens.

The Quality Insights Scoring model and assessment standards is based on the Australian Contact Centre Quality Standards that we have developed, tested and continuously refined over multiple decades across diverse companies and industries, to produce the most rigorous and accurate representation of the sales/service experience available in the Australian marketplace.

The scores and insights reveal how the behaviours of your staff are either positively or negatively influencing your customer experience as well as crucially, how this impacts your ability to achieve your desired business or organisational outcomes in your sales and/or customer service operations.


There are five competencies in the Australian Contact Centre Quality Standards and each of these five competencies contains either 3 or 4 specific call-handling behaviours which differ depending on whether it’s a sales or customer service related call.

This provides a total of 18 specific call handling behaviours across the five call competencies of Engage; Discover; Educate; Close; Energy that every call is assessed against.

In addition, each of these competencies is weighted according to its relative importance in influencing both a positive experience for the customer and the achievement of key business drivers (i.e. positive customer experiences, first contact resolution & sales conversion).

Call Centre Benchmarking Australia service

These five core competencies are applicable to ANY BUSINESS SECTOR and have a direct correlation to improving business results, either in a service or sales contact centre.

  • ENGAGE - Build a strong first impression and build trust through taking ownership, personalising and revealing how you will help satisfy their needs.

  • DISCOVER - Conversation that explores and confirms both what they need from the call and what they wish to achieve through your products and services.

  • EDUCATE - Fully inform your customer with targeted, relevant information that checks suitability, understanding, commitment & resolution.

  • CLOSE - Control the end of the call with a strong final check, expression of gratitude and thanks to create a strong final impression.

  • ENERGY - Energy, empathy, clarity and efficient call management that builds connection and makes it easy for the customer to get what they need.

How we Measure Contact Centre Accessibility

The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to replicate the experience real customers are having when engaging with a business.

Whilst this traditionally incorporates what happens during a call, decades of experience has taught us that many of the challenges customers face also include getting through to a live contact centre agent.

The Contact Centre Accessibility Score (CCAS) measures the experience a customer encounters leading up to the interaction with a live contact centre agent.

The CCAS score is determined by five core comptencies and over 30 individual measures with a brief overview below:

  • SEARCH - How easy was it for the customer to locate the contact number, how many clicks did it take on the website to find the contact centre phone number etc.

  • DESIGN - Number of menu layers, options, messages etc. – Was the IVR designed to be both simple and efficient for the customer?

  • EASE - Were the options relevant and easy to choose and were all selections or requests accepted?

  • AUDIO - Were the voiceovers clear and consistent with professional audio quality and concise scripting? Was the agent's audio clear and easy to understand?

  • TIMING - how long did it take to navigate through the system, listen to messages and wait in a queue?

  • DEDUCTIONS - The CCAS score is negatively impacted if any of the following occurs:

    • The calls were not answered within the following thresholds:
      • 15 minutes for customer service scenarios.
      • 10 minutes for sales scenarios.
    • If there were any technical glitches that impacted the customer experience
    • If any options or recordings were repeated after selecting those options
    • For constant, excessive recordings instead of music whilst in a queue
    • For overtly and constantly pushing the customer to use online channels
    • For not providing an option for new customers without account IDs

Reporting that matters

After running contact centres and providing benchmarking services for decades, we’ve learnt a thing or two about reporting.

The truth is that whilst we can provide online portals, data modelling and a range of other tools, the reality is about 95% of people never use them and they add an enormous cost to the benchmarking service.

So, rather than paying for functionality you’ll never use, our reporting is focused on providing you with the information that matters, in conjunction with actionable insights that can be used to improve the quality outcomes of your centre.

Each quarterly report includes:

  • Your Overall Ranking Score including how your contact centre has trended over time and how you compare to your competitors.
  • Your Quality Score and how you scored on each of the five core competencies and 18 call handling behaviours.
  • Your Access Score and how you scored on each of the five core categories and 30+ individual elements.
  • Your Top Five Priority Recommendations to improve your quality with insights, tips and examples on how to close the gap on your worst-performing metrics.
  • Access to all your call recordings and scoresheets (includes notes on each individual call)

The reporting insights are designed to represent an individual, team or organisation’s performance in delivering premium sales and service experiences. The scores, insights and recommendations (i.e. the outputs of our program) are all geared to function and serve as the main input into your coaching & continuous improvement initiatives.

It’s this combination of representative insights followed by targeted training, feedback & coaching (either conducted yourself or supported by us) that is the key to your transformation and achievement of desired organisational and business objectives.

ACXPA Contact Centre Performance Matrix & Reports

The ACXPA Contact Centre Performance Matrix is designed to provide you with the insights you need to easily identify strengths and weaknesses,  and track your performance over time.

It consists of two key components:

  • Accessibility Score  – measuring the experience of connecting to a live contact centre agent across five core components including IVR navigation times, queue wait times, IVR performance etc.
  • Quality  Score  – the experience measuring the interactions with a contact centre agent using five core competencies and 18 call-handling behaviours.

Displaying the Access and Quality scores on the ACXPA Contact Centre Performance Matrix (refer to picture) enables you to quickly see the areas your contact centre excels in against your competitors, as well as areas you need to focus on.

The ACXPA Contact Centre Performance Matrix can also be used to track your performance over time, enabling you a visual representation of your performance trends to ensure any investments you make in improving the accessibility or experience for your customers, is delivering a return on investment.

The reporting you receive also enables you to ‘drill-down’ into both the Quality and Accessibility scores to gain further insights into each of their respective five core competencies so you know exactly which areas you need to focus on to improve your overall scores.


ACXPA Car Insurance Rankings Matrix Example
An example of a competitor benchmarking matrix
ACXPA Contact Centre Monthly Performance trend example
An example of the ACXPA Quality Competencies and how you can identify strengths and weaknesses
An example of drilling into the ACXPA Quality Competency for Engage to easily see opportunities for improvement.
Quality Insights Monthly Workshop

Optional Quality Insights Workshop

In addition to the standard reporting provided for all our service options, you have the option of choosing to receive a quarterly live Quality Insights Workshop.

These are facilitated by the General Manager of our Quality Insights Programs, Simon Blair.

These workshops are designed to provide you with insights into your results and industry trends as well as demystify the requirements for achieving the standards for specific call competencies and behaviours.

Additionally, senior stakeholders can use these workshops to assist in the process of developing the ideal strategy and tactics for both short and long-term continuous improvement in building internal capability and performance within the Contact Centre.

If you select the optional Quality Insights Workshop when you book your Customer Service Benchmarking service, it will include:

  • A one-hour facilitated session over Zoom (or your own preferred meeting app) to key stakeholders of any number or position within your organisation.
  • Key Insights from analysis of performance results and trends.
  • Focus on recommended priority areas for action and improvement.
  • Selected recordings (or parts thereof) played for stakeholders to hear first-hand what’s working and what still needs focus and improvement (optional, and you have final approval of which calls get played).
  • Live demonstration and examples of selected experiences that highlight what’s working and what needs further focus and improvement.
  • Training, coaching and quality tips, guidance and recommendations.
  • Where possible (and by client approval only), a live mystery shop call into your contact centre with real-time assessment and review.
Simon Blair, General Manager Quality Insights
Simon Blair, ACXPA General Manager - Quality Insights Programs

Experience you can trust

The ACXPA Contact Centre CX Benchmarking Service is led by Simon Blair, Australia’s #1 expert in Contact Centre Quality Assessment & Mystery Shopping for Sales & Customer Service.

Across his 30+ years career within the Contact Centre Industry, Simon has personally assessed in excess of 50,000 sales, service & retention calls, so more than anyone in this space, he knows definitively what works and also what doesn’t.

From starting at the coalface with Telstra back in the 90s, Simon worked as a Team Leader, & Management Coach and then with ANZ in the early 2000s as the Quality Manager & Trainer for their Consumer Credit Card business.

In 2005, Simon joined Global Reviews as the Head of Contact Centre Benchmarking and developed Australia’s premier model and program for mystery shopping and benchmarking of the inbound sales customer experience.

He facilitated Performance Insights Workshops in the boardrooms and Senior Management forums for many of Australia’s leading service companies such as Telstra, ING Direct, NAB, HSBC, Medibank & AGL.

In 2009, he established his own consultancy business, Five Degrees, with a focus on quality assessment, mystery shopping, training & coaching for clients such as Toyota, VicRoads, Sony, RACT, Unisys and Willoughby Council, helping to both measure and improve their sales and service experiences.

For the past few years, Simon has been leading the delivery of a range of his own training courses on CX Skills, averaging a customer review rating of 4.9/5.0 over the past three years.

With decades of continuously developing, testing and refining his call quality metrics and methodology, he’s excited to help our clients objectively and accurately measure the quality of their customer interactions, and to share these powerful and actionable insights to drive improvement.

Training courses to improve quality

Having data is one thing, but it means nothing if you aren’t using it to improve your performance!

Our vision is to help all contact centres improve their performance so we’ve got courses for your frontline employees, Team Leaders and managers designed to move the dial on your quality performance as they directly teach your employees how to master the five quality competencies and 18 call handling behaviours that we assess to produce your Quality Insights Score (QIS).

This enables you to invest in training that will result in a measurable improvement to your benchmarking scores, and across any metric you use to assess performance (i.e. NPS, CSAT, Sales Conversions etc).

The courses are facilitated by CX Skills who have an average customer review score of 4.9/5.0 over the past four years, and they’ve provided training to over 170 Australian companies across sectors including Public Service, Finance & Insurance, Transport & Travel, Healthcare & Community, Education, Retail, Business Services, Manufacturing & Utilities and lots more.

Learn more about the available courses on the buttons below.

Training Courses to improve customer service for contact centres

Frontline Employees

Whether it’s for sales or service, we have purpose-built training courses that teach your employees the skills they need to improve your customer service benchmarking scores and, more importantly, improve the results for your business.

Recommend courses to improve customer service: 

Recommend courses to improve inbound sales: 

Team Leaders

One of the primary roles of the Team Leader is to improve the performance of their direct employees.

We have a specific course that will teach your Team Leaders HOW to improve the performance of their employees including:

  • Ensuring they understand the quality assessment framework.
  • How to coach and provide feedback.
  • Specific techniques to improve performance against each of the core competencies and the 18 different behaviours.

Please note that we recommend Team Leaders complete the Frontline Employees training listed above for sales or service. This way, they will first learn the Quality Framework they will be coaching in detail.

Learn more about the course >

Other recommended courses for Team Leaders:

Contact Centre Managers

With over 75% of contact centre managers starting their career on the phones, it’s common that the majority of their skills were learnt on the job, and they have inherited pre-existing KPIs, processes and procedures that were already in place.

But regardless of your industry sector or the size of your contact centre, there are industry best-practice that every contact centre manager should know that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any contact centre.

We highly recommend the following courses:

Australian Call Centre Rankings Reports

When you purchase the Contact Centre CX Benchmarking, your contact centre results will be included in the monthly Australian Call Centre Rankings Reports (view the latest National monthly report here), which will rank your performance against other businesses in the same industry category on all the key metrics.

We’ve already produced industry reports for a range of industry sectors, with more being added all the time.

Can’t see reports for your industry sector? 

No problems! Purchase the Contact Centre CX Benchmarking Service and we’ll start reporting on your sector immediately!

Overall Leaders by Sector
Australia - Q1 2024
1. Holmesglen TAFE (TAFE/Education)81.1%
2. Aussie Broadband (Internet Retailers)75.6%
3. YOUI (Car Insurance)75.1%
4. Launceston Council (Councils)74.8%
5. ENGIE (Energy Retailers)67.9%
6. NAB (Banks)64.1%
Industry AVE54.7%
Overall Rankings by Sector
Australia - Q1 2024
1. Internet Retailers61.9%
2. Councils57.6%
3. Energy Retailers56.9%
4. TAFE/Education56.8%
5. Car Insurance52.1%
6. Banks43.0%
Industry AVE54.7%

Purchase Industry Led Contact Centre CX Benchmarking, packed with value.

Gaining powerful, independent insights into the performance of your contact centre doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive or require you to sign up for extended periods of time.

We’ve used our decades of experience to develop a robust contact centre benchmarking program that requires minimal effort on your behalf, but still delivers the insights and data you need to provide not only measure and benchmark your own performance and your nominated competitors but also gain insights into how to improve your results.

There are no set-up fees, and you can sign up for as little as three months.

The ACXPA Fixed-Price Contact Centre CX Benchmarking Service includes:

  • A minimum of six Mystery Shopping calls into your business each month at random times and days.

  • A minimum of six Mystery Shopping calls each for any five competitors that YOU nominate (so a total of 30 calls). They can be in the same state or National, it’s up to you – as long as they are in the same industry sector! 

  • For your own six calls, you’ll receive additional insights, including the employee’s name (where provided), assessment notes and the call recording.

  • You’ll be sent your monthly data to track your progress, along with the call recordings and scores for each call made to your business.

  • A quarterly report containing insights and trends that are easy to understand, along with actionable recommendations to help improve your performance.

  • An optional Quarterly Insights workshop (conducted live via Zoom) that can provide additional insights and coaching to help your call centre improve results.

All of the above from as low as $1,297 per month ex GST!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost?

To access information for your business and up to five competitors each month, prices start from just $1,297 ex GST per month and ACXPA Business Members also receive a further 10% discount along with a host of other benefits. View pricing information on our order form >

How long do I have to sign up for?

We have a minimum period of three months.

Why is it so cheap?

Benchmarking has traditionally been very expensive as companies that provide the services have high overheads with CBD locations, and as it’s their core business, they look to maximise profits and encourage you to mystery shop large volumes to increase their profit margin.

As an industry association,  the mystery shopping data provides us with an enormous amount of insights to help us develop strategies and resources that can help improve our industry, so we don’t see it as a profit-making venture.

As such, we’ve developed a cost-effective model using a flexible workforce (who work from home) and without all the high overheads, we’re able to pass on those savings to you, which makes it easier for companies to be involved, and in turn, provides us with more data.

How many calls do you assess each month?

We will conduct a minimum of 6 Mystery Shopping calls to your business and each of your nominated competitors.

Is 6 calls enough to assess performance?

Yes. In the decades we’ve been conducting Mystery Shopping, there is minimal impact on results whether we conduct 6 or 60 calls per month. The main reason companies push you into more calls is purely revenue generation.

How many competitors do you benchmark against?

You can nominate five competitors in the same sector as your business.

And if more of your competitors sign up to the service, you will be provided with additional insights!  For example, if you’re an energy company, and 20 other energy companies also signed up for the service, we would include the results of all 20 energy companies in the aggregate data.

How do I order/get involved?

We have an online order form that walks you through the information we need to place an order.  Order your benchmarking here >

I didn’t see my business sector – is there a way to get benchmarking data for my business sector?

Yes! If you join our Contact Centre CX Benchmarking Service, you’ll receive insights for your contact centre, plus five other competitors you nominate.

This will provide you with both industry sector information and some great insights into how to improve your own contact centre’s performance and how you compare against others in the industry.

Whether you are a medical or veterinary clinic, niche retailer, specific type of manufacturer etc, if you have at least five other competitors/businesses who provide the same products or services, we will start producing reports for your sector!

What type of scenarios do you use in Mystery Shopping?

We have decades of experience in conducting Mystery Shopping calls and we will develop scenarios that are relevant to your industry and that enable us to conduct Mystery Shopping in a non-identifiable way.

Should you wish to have specific scenarios tested or require scenarios that involve placing orders, accounts etc please refer to our Customer Service Benchmarking Service.

What data do you share?

For the six Mystery Shopping calls into your business, you will receive the full call recordings and the detailed scoring of the call. You will only see aggregate data of your competitors.

Do you also benchmark against live chat and emails?

Yes! Please refer to our Customer Service Benchmarking Service.

Would you like to speak to someone?

If you’d like to learn more about how ACXPA can assist with your Customer Service Benchmarking, contact us at 1800 0 ACXPA (or +61 39492 2871), email us at [email protected] or leave your details below and we’ll contact you directly.

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 17:30 AEST/AEDT.

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