Customer Service Phrases for Angry Customers

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16 Customer Service Phrases for Angry Customers!

If you work in a contact centre, office, retail, etc, there is no doubt you’re going to run into an angry customer at one point or another.

But have you ever wondered what to say in order to calm them down and take control of the situation?

The good news there are some phrases that can assist, so we’ve listed 16 Customer Service Phrases for Angry Customers that you can use in a number of different scenarios.

Remember, though, when using any of the phrases, you must sound genuine.

In normal human interaction, approx 60% of communication is physical – predominately through body language and facial expressions, which are (obviously!) lost over the phone.

That places even ore emphasis on the words you use and the tone in which you say them.

Said with genuine warmth and empathy, these Customer Service Phrases for Angry Customers below will help steer any angry customer back on track!

16 Customer Service Phrases for Angry Customers that really work!

We’ve sorted the Customer Service Phrases for Angry Customers into eight common scenarios – simply scroll below or click on the link to go straight to the situation you need.

For Customers that demand to speak to the Manager

1. “Will you first provide me with the opportunity to help you? That’s why I’m here.”

2. “Could we try working together first? If I still can’t assist you, I’ll gladly arrange for you to speak to my manager.”

Saying sorry without admitting fault

1. “I’m sorry for any frustration this has caused you.”

2. “I’m sorry we didn’t deliver the level of service you expected.”

When the customer is swearing or being rude

1. “I’m sorry, I can’t assist you while listening to that language. If it stops, I’ll be able to keep helping you

2. “I’m trying to help you but if you continue to swear, I will ask you to call us back when you’ve calmed down.”

Delivering bad news

1. “I understand that this is not the outcome you were hoping for, but we cannot provide the solution you want.

2. “While I wish we could do more, we cannot accommodate your request.”

Showing Empathy

1. “If I was in your postion, I would feel exactly the same way.

2. “I realise how frustrating this must be for you.”

Acknowledging the customer’s feelings

1. “It sounds like this has been a really challenging situation for you.

2. “I can see why you’d be so upset about this.”

Offering some resolution options

1. “I have a few options available to enable us to resolve this for you.

2. “Would you be open to exploring some alternative solutions?”

Managing Expectations

1. “I will do my best to help you, but I can’t guarantee a specific outcome.

2. “Please understand there may be some limitations to what I can do in this situation but I assure you I will do all I can to assist you.”

Where to get more help?

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