Tips for Enhancing CX Using Generative AI

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Tips for Enhancing CX Using AI

Just as businesses were just in the throws of recovering from the lockdowns of the COVID era, inflation, global stock shortages, low unemployment and so on, it seems like the hits just keep on coming from businesses.

One of the fallouts of these challenges has been the pressures on customer service, with the challenges in recruiting (and retaining) frontline employees, combined with increased stress levels for both employees and customers alike, making it tough-going for anyone working in customer service/CX.

But amongst all the darkness, perhaps there is some light that has emerged…

In the fast-evolving landscape of AI, there is a myriad of ways businesses are enhancing CX using generative AI and capitalising on its transformative potential to elevate their Customer Experience (CX) strategies.

Now I’m not suggesting for a millisecond that AI is going to replace your entire contact centre or CX team.

However, as AI continues to evolve and an almost frightening pace (well, to me, anyway), it does that the ability to reshape how brands connect with customers in the digital era.

As CX leaders, we can’t afford to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.

AI is here to stay and we must learn how to navigate these technology advancements to help deliver the optimal outcomes for the businesses we represent.

Why Generative AI is a bit different…

Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new content, such as text, images, or even music, using complex algorithms.

ChatGPT is a prime example of Generative AI that may people in CX (and indeed the general community) are already playing with (and using).

It goes beyond traditional AI systems that only process and analyse data.

Instead, Generative AI generates new outputs that exhibit creativity and coherence, often resembling human-created content.

This technology can potentially transform CX and drive customer satisfaction to unprecedented levels.

4 Tips to Enhance CX Using Generative AI

To optimise your brand’s CX using AI, here are four examples of how it can be applied now and in the not-too-distant future.

1. Intelligent Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Generative AI empowers businesses to develop intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants that can engage in natural, human-like conversations with customers.

These AI-driven conversational agents can provide accurate and contextually relevant responses, offer personalised recommendations, and assist customers in real-time, enhancing self-service capabilities and improving overall satisfaction.

But please, for the love of god, don’t just install an intelligent chatbot or virtual assistant and then remove all options for customers to engage with a real human being!

The technology is still far from perfect, and removing the ability for customers to speak to real human being on demand can be a recipe for customer churn.

2. Leverage Generative AI for Enhanced Personalisation

Generative AI algorithms excel at analysing vast amounts of customer data to understand individual preferences and behaviours that empower brands to offer tailored recommendations and solutions.

As an example, by understanding individual preferences and purchase history, AI can provide personalised product suggestions, enhancing the consumer experience.

Furthermore, real-time guidance from AI during customer interactions enables agents to deliver more personalised and seamless experiences.

3. Reduce Labour Costs/Increase Productivity

AI can act as a valuable support tool for agents, providing guidance during interactions, enabling personalised coaching, and improving outcomes for both agents and customers that can reduce Average Handling Time (which in 2023, the industry average is 507 seconds), directly reducing your operating costs. 

By automating repetitive tasks, AI can also free up expensive frontline agents’ time (the average salary in 2023 is $58, 300 + super) enabling them to focus more on complex enquiries, improving the outcomes for customers and your employees who are typically glad to remove the basic, repetitive enquiries and provide them with more meaningful work. 

4. Interactive User Interfaces

The websites in the not-too-distant future can use generative AI to enhance user interfaces (UI) by generating dynamic and interactive elements that adapt to user behaviour.

By understanding user preferences and context, UIs powered by Generative AI can provide personalised recommendations, intuitive navigation, and seamless interactions.

This has the potential to create an enhanced customer experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


There is no question that AI will play a big role in the CX future.

With these four tips, you can enhance customer experiences, drive ROI, and unlock the full potential of AI to revolutionise your brand’s CX landscape and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Businesses that create a cohesive CX ecosystem that drives continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, underpinned by AI and fostering data sharing across teams and applications, is a business that is going to be well placed for success.

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