ACXPA Monthly Member Symposiums & Video Library

Are you seeking best-practice tips, industry insights and expert advice on delivering great customer experiences?

Exclusive to ACXPA members only, the live monthly Member Symposiums are designed to bring you expert tips, industry best practices, thought leadership and a touch of inspiration by hearing directly from leading industry experts every month.

Each month, you’ll hear directly from experts across Contact Centres, Customer Experience, Digital Experience, Customer Service and Employee Experience, with each presenter sharing their expertise and insights on a specific topic in a short, bite-size session in either Q&A format or a recorded presentation that goes for approx 20-minutes.

No sales pitches or product demos – each presentation is designed to help share knowledge, not to try and sell you something!

This enables you to tune in on the sessions that matter to you, watching them live or in your Video Library, where every single session will be available.

This enables you not only to gain leading insights related to your current role but also to gain insights into other CX disciplines that will provide you with a much broader view of the industry and the opportunities that come with it.

And for the Contact Centre practitioners, you’ll get to hear directly from some of the leading contact centres as assessed as part of the Australian Call Centre Rankings Report to find out their secrets to success!

Access to the symposiums is included with all ACXPA memberships at no additional cost.

ACXPA Member Symposiums

ACXPA Member Symposium Fast Facts

Included free with all ACXPA Memberships.

Streamed on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (but you can watch the videos anytime).

Learn directly from industry experts each month sharing their valuable expertise.

Short (Approximately 20 minute presentations) per presenter on a specific topic.

Content for all customer touchpoint including voice, in-person and digital channels.

Access and watch previous presentations at any time (available in the Members Video Library).

No sales pitches!

Access all previous presentations on demand!

We are all busy these days, so if you can’t make the monthly Member Symposium Livestream, all ACXPA Individual members can access the full library of interviews and presentations to watch on demand.

This provides access to an amazing content library where you can access any individual interviews and presentations at a time convenient to you.

This enables you to rewatch a favourite or only watch the presentations on topics you need or are interested in to save time.

Watching the live Members Symposiums and accessing the Video Library of recorded presentations is included for all ACXPA Members.

With other industry symposiums and conferences often costing hundreds of dollars and full of vendor presentations, our annual memberships offer outstanding value starting from as low as $35 per employee per year!

An ACXPA Membership enables you to attend all the monthly symposiums and access the entire Video Library of recorded sessions, as well as a host of other benefits including premium templates and resources you can download, exclusive industry insights and benchmarking data (including the Call Centre Rankings), industry-leading Members Directory, 25% off all our training courses, 50% off site tours, local networking events and lots more!

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ACXPA Members Symposium Sneak Preview

The ACPXA Member Symposiums are exclusive to ACXPA Members only, which means the only way to access the live symposiums and previous recordings is by being an ACXPA Member and logging into the website.

However… We want to show you a sneak preview!

So we’ve made some Members Symposium presentations free to watch below without a membership.

Just click the presentation you’d like to watch below (or watch them all!).

10 Personalisation Pillars: Unlocking data’s true potential to deliver great CX

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • 10 best practice areas where CX and Marketing teams can focus their efforts to improve CX capabilities,
  • What “good” looks like for each of these areas, and
  • Actions which Marketing and CX teams can take right now to improve 1:1 CX for their customers

Presentation length: 33:44

Presented by Kevin Perry, Director – Data & Personalisation, IVE Group

5 Top Tips to Attract Candidates to Customer Service Roles

It’s no secret it’s a tough recruitment market out there, so these tips will put the advantage back into your court on attracting (and retaining) top candidates in the market with some great insights from SEEK.

Presented by: Deanne Martin, ACXPA National Advisory Board Member and Head of Contact Centres and Customer Experience, SEEK Australia & New Zealand

There’s a lot more to building resilience at home than you think! Some great stats and tips on how and why building resilience at home is so important.

Presented by Global Health & Wellness Expert: Nant Nissen

Simon Symposium 2 Thumbnail

How to assess and score quality in the contact centre

There is no shortage of quantitative metrics in the contact centre, but when it comes to measuring quality, its when many contact centre managers struggle. In this session, you’ll learn how to objectively measure the quality of your phone calls and how the information can be used to improve the quality delivery of your frontline employees.

Presented by Simon Blair, Australia’s #1 trainer and assessor in contact centre sales and service!

Next Members Symposium Livestream: Tuesday, 21st April, 2024, 13:30 AEDT

The Members Symposium sessions are only available to ACXPA Members! 

ACXPA Members can watch the symposium live, and, can watch any of the sessions at any time in their Video Library. 

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Preview of upcoming Symposium Sessions:

Nadine Power, ACXPA National Advisory Board Member

IVR Best Practice

Over 90% of contact centres are using an IVR (Press 1 for this, press 2 for that), and we've encountered many contact centres with over four layers of options for customers to select from. In this session, Nadine will be sharing some best practice tips on IVR design for 2024.

Presented by Nadine Power, Chief Product Officer, Datagamz (and ACXPA National Advisory Board Member)

ACXPA National Advisory Board Member Simon Blair

Tips to Boost Engagement on Calls

Of the five quality competencies we assess as part of the Australian Call Centre Rankings, the 'ENGAGE' competency from the Australian Contact Centre Quality Standards has consistently been at the bottom of the rankings throughout 2023 and into 2024.

In this session, Simon will provide some tips that can be shared with agents on how to increase engagement with customers at the start of calls.

Presented by Simon Blair, General Manager Quality Insights, ACXPA

More sessions announced soon! 

(If you're interested in speaking at one of our events, click here to learn more >)

FAQs About the ACXPA Member Symposiums

When are the Symposiums?

The Symposiums are hosted live and streamed on the third Tuesday of every month, commencing at 13:30 AEST/AEDT (Melbourne, Australia), and typically run for around two hours in duration if you watch all the presentations and participate in the live discussions.

Where do I access the symposiums?

The Members Symposiums are only available to ACXPA Individual Members. Learn more >

What topics are covered?

We try and provide a range of different topics covering contact centres, customer experience, digital service, customer service and employee experience.

We want to help people not only improve their skills and insights with the current role, but also learn more about the other professions in our industry to broaden their understanding and career options.

The formats may vary but can include things like top tips, industry insights, case studies, how-to’s etc. and given the diverse nature of our member’s skillsets, we aim to have presentations suitable for those just commencing their careers through to managers looking to gain that extra edge.

If there is a particular topic you’d like covered, please contact us and let us know!

Who are the presenters?

We aim to bring you a broad range of speakers, including some of our ACXPA Advisory Board members, leaders in all of the industry skillsets (i.e. contact centres, customer experience, digital service and customer service) from a range of different industry sectors and experts from outside of our immediate industry who we can learn from.

The presenters can vary from practitioners (those in real jobs!), consultants and vendors with particular industry experience.

With technology, in particular, moving so fast, we may also include some vendors that share ‘next-practice’, showing some insights into proof of concepts, etc.

Whilst this may include some current or future product demonstrations, they are all very aware that there can be no sales/product pitches – all the presentations in the symposiums are designed to educate, inform and inspire – not sell you something!

If you’d like to be considered as a speaker at one of our Symposiums, please learn more here:  Members Symposiums Speakers Briefing >

What’s the format for the symposiums?

Our host will welcome everyone to the symposium at 13:30 AEDT/AEST (Melbourne, Australia) and then introduce each speaker before live-streaming their pre-recorded video presentation or interview.

Following the screening of each presentation, attendees watching the live stream are welcome to join in a discussion on any of the topics covered in the presentations, which provides a great way to gain additional insights and liaise with other industry professionals.

Following the symposium, all the presentations will be added to the Video Library, enabling you to watch them anytime.

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