Halloween Ideas for Work including food, costumes and makeup.

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Halloween ideas for work

Looking for some Halloween ideas for work?

Whether you work in a contact centre (or call centre if you’re old school), customer service, admin or any role working in an office, there is one occasion that end up being a whole lot of fun…

Whilst Halloween has largely been an American thing, it’s been steadily gaining traction in Australia.

Just visit your local Bunnings, Woolworths or Coles in October and you’ll notice a heap of Halloween products available.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration on workplace ideas for Halloween, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

From some great food ideas (suitable for home or the office), as well as costumes, desk decorations, costumes and make up, you’re bound to find some good ideas you can ‘borrow’ and make your own.

Thanks to our thousands of followers on the Call Centre Legends Facebook Page who have in their Halloween work photos, we’ve been able to share plenty of examples below of Halloween ideas for work to ensure terror reigns supreme in your workplace.

3 Inspirational Halloween ideas for work 

With the days of COVID hopefully well behind us and with employees making their way back to the office, why not have a little fun and make the most of Halloween in 2023!

But even if you’re still working from home, as you’ll see in some of the photos, there is still a lot of fun to be had – without the weird looks you’ll probably get on the commute into the office!

We’ve provided some great Halloween ideas for work below that are suitable for any workplace that can inject a positive boost to your employee engagement and help to build morale.

1. Dress up Contests

If you’ve ever spent time working in a call centre, you know they don’t need much of an excuse for a dress-up day!

Of course, it’s not just call centres (albeit they are a lot of fun to work in) but every office loves a good dress up.

Whilst there are the cliche footy days, Chrimstas etc, without fail, Halloween is always the most fun.

From vampires, Dracula or even a scary nurse – there is a way for everyone to get involved whether its throwing on a costume, makeup or a combination of both.

For those that go the extra mile, have a prize for the best-dressed individual or team and reward the extra effort!

2. Workplace Decorations

Whether you are working from home or in the office, it doesn’t take much to turn your workplace into the dungeons of hell (you’ve probably imagined it that way anyway!!!)  so now is your chance to bring it to life.

From fake cobwebs and plastic spiders, to gravestones, pumpkins and the odd skeleton, you will have your workstation resembling a horror movie in no time!

Why not make it a competition and give out prizes for the best workstation or team area? Best at home office?

3. Halloween Themed Food

Give the food creatives and budding MasterChefs amongst your team a chance to shine by creating some scary-looking (and great tasting!) food.

There are some very creative ideas to incorporate food and Halloween together – from edible brains, fruit faces, food skeletons, Bandaid biscuits, hot dog fingers and lots more!

Check out the photos below to get some inspiration!

How to make sure your Halloween at Work is a success

There are no excuses when it comes to planning for Halloween – it’s the same date every year (October 31).

To ensure your Halloween at Work is successful, follow these tips:

  • Plan early, there is no need to leave everything until the last minute!
  • Make sure your employees know they have permission to go crazy (but put some boundaries in if you think its appropriate).
  • If you are going to provide a budget, let people know early so they have time to source the good stuff!
  • Put together a Halloween committee who can plan events for the day and help with decorations.
  • Be clear on what the prizes are (if you are having some) so people have enough time and incentive to be creative.
  • If you’re a manager – lead by example and make sure you encourage people to get involved.  Make sure you are the best dressed in the office or on Zoom!

You really don’t need to spend a fortune – as you can see in the examples above, there are lots of Halloween ideas for work that just require a little make up and some creativity.

If you do celebrate Halloween in your office, please share your pictures on our Facebook page at either Call Centre Legends or our ACXPA Facebook page and we’ll add them to our examples, as well as your chance to win a great prize for your workplace.

Win a free Business Membership valued at $497 for the best workplace Halloween photo for 2023! 

Send your best picture to [email protected] on Halloween (October 31) and we’ll select the finalists and then it’s over to you to decide the winner 🙂

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