What is COPC in call centres


The COPC® family of standards is a globally recognised performance management framework that enables you to measure and improve all operational activities that support the customer experience.

COPC is an acronym for Customer Operations Performance Centre.

Who is COPC?

COPC is a management consulting business originally founded in the USA in 1996.

Privately owned, COPC specialises in customer experience transformation and they provide a range of services, including consulting, training, certification and benchmarking.

With specific regards to CX, their ‘Family of Standards’ include:

  • CSP Standard for Customer Service Providers (for internal operations)
  • OSP Standard for Outsourcer Service Providers (for outsourced operations)

COPC Standards and Certifications

COPC has developed their own standards, which comes in three versions:

  • Customer Service Providers
  • Outsourced Service Providers
  • Vendor Management Organisations

COPC is not an industry association (that’s our role!).

As a private company, they offer training and certification courses with all the training provided by their COPC-certified trainers.

They have developed their own standards, guidelines, processes etc and as a global business, its objective is to make a profit.

Whilst traditionally more contact centre focussed, COPC is now expanding to include Customer Experience (CX) training and certification.

Alternatives to COPC?

There are, of course, other alternatives to COPC depending on what it is you are searching for, given the diverse range of consulting solutions they offer.

Think of COPC like a car.  Whether you prefer Fords, Holdens, Telsla’s or a European car, they’ll still get you from A to B.

It’s much the same but with consulting, some people like the COPC way of doing things, and there are industry professionals who prefer different standards and training.

There are also ISO Standards that provide a global framework for contact centres, customer service and customer experience.

COPC Training Alternatives

Customer Experience Training

A range of businesses offer Customer Experience training – some include ‘certification’ and others just provide training courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills you need.  There are also a number of TAFE’s, Universities that offer CX Courses.

As there is no globally accepted framework or international standards, there is a wide variety in the quality of the training. We would always recommend understanding who the person is who will be conducting the training and check for reviews/testimonials from previous course participants as part of your assessment.

  • Naturally, we will give our own courses a plug! We run training courses for Customer Experience (CX) including CX Management Fundamentals, Net Promoter Score and Customer Journey Mapping and with an average customer review of 4.9/5, you can be assured its high-quality training.
  • The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) offers international accreditation as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).  We are not affiliated with them, however, our CX Management Fundamentals course is aligned with their framework and the course serves as great preparation for anyone thinking of going for the certification.
  • Disney is also renowned for their customer experience course however it does require travel to the USA and it’s not cheap!
Contact Centre Management Training

Like CX, there is a range of providers for contact centre training with everything from Workforce Optimisation, how to monitor and coach, management fundamentals, Quality Assurance and lots more!

We offer a number of courses though CX Skills including:

See which contact centre training courses we have coming up >

Workforce Optimisation Training

We also offer a range of Workforce Optimisation courses including:

See which Workforce Optimisation courses we have coming up >

COPC Contact Centre & CX Consulting Alternatives

There is a broad range of individual consultants and consulting companies who specialise in, and/or offer either Contact Centres and/or Customer Experience.

If you’re looking to optimise your contact centre, get someone to conduct a review and so on, search the ACXPA Supplier Directory for a list of suppliers or use our free CX Connect service and we will recommend consultants based on your requirements.

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